When we talk about the work of Lucía Freitas, we are talking about Galicia, its culture, its heritage, but especially its market halls. Her gastronomic concept is anchored to Galicia through her dishes and Santiago de Compostela's Central Market Hall.


With Galician produce from the coast and the vegetable garden as the backbone of her cuisine, the chef revives ancestral cuisines by using local ingredients and a strong work of research on traditions and methodological evolution.

"My philosophy of life and work is perennially maintained over time. It is the concept of my cuisine that grows and changes with me naturally as I myself evolve and mature.

I believe that haute cuisine is heading towards a path of regression, a return to the origins thanks to technology and that we chefs are increasingly realizing that in addition to being storytellers, we are also cultural carriers.
We chefs must value our products, our markets, and the most ancestral cuisines, giving new life to those recipes that are being forgotten. We must rediscover and bring a degree of innovation to tradition so that it remains alive. Cooking with science and conscience is here to stay. That is the future.”

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