Lucía Freitas was born in 1982 in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain). At the age of 19, she began her studies at the Advanced School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management in Artxanda (Bilbao). That was the beginning of her journey through a path full of hard work and dedication with a never-ending desire to learn from the best.

Desde entón non cesou na súa formación, sempre traballando duro para poder seguir aprendendo dos mellores.

In her extensive background, two highlights should be mentioned above others:

Her time at Mugaritz, where she discovered the green world of the vegetable gardens and got imbued with the philosophy and values surrounding local produce, which nowadays plays a key role in her work.

Her time at Relais Chateau as head pastry chef at its restaurant Tápies. This period defined her economic and strategic vision of gastronomy as a business and led to the opening of her first restaurant: A Tafona, opened in 2009 in her homeland, Santiago de Compostela.

Since then, the Galician chef has achieved:

2009 - Only three months after opening A Tafona, Lucia Freitas wins her first prize in Santiago's tapas competition (which she has won on five other occasions).

2016 - Second place in the national “Cocinero del Año” contest.

2017 - International opening of the Galician tavern Tomiño in New York City.

2017 - Refurbishment and reopening of A Tafona with changes in concept and aesthetics.

2017 - Opening of LUME at the Central Market Hall of Santiago de Compostela.

2018 - A Tafona receives its first Michelin Star.

2019 - A Tafona receives two Sol Awards from Repsol

2020 - Creation of CINZA, her line of signature ice cream.

2020 - Launch of delivery service "Misto".

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